ETC GEO @5 4k

Professional control…scaled just right

Gio @5™ brings the high-end control of the larger Eos® family consoles to venues with tighter spaces – or tighter budgets.

This portable console packs all the control necessities into a compact footprint, so external monitors and accessories are optional. With an articulating, 18.5-inch, multi-touch LCD display, five definable and page-able motorized faders and a master fader pair, Gio @5 is the perfect step up for Ion® users who want expanded hands-on access to playbacks, color control, touchscreen Magic Sheets and more.

The console features the same full-function, backlit keyboard as the Eos Programming Wing and Gio® console, providing an easy transition for experienced Eos users looking for a smaller desk – and a good platform for new programmers looking to gain professional skills that scale up.

Key features of the Gio @5 console include:

  • The Gio/Eos Ti® facepanel layout, including the backlit keys, master fader pair and fader controls keys

  • Four force-feedback encoders for non-intensity parameter control

  • Five 60mm motorized faders and associated controls/displays

  • One integral, 18.5-inch, articulating multi-touch monitor

  • Two sets of controls keys along the left side of the display

  • Two network ports (Non-PSE) and 4 Hardline DMX/RDM ports

  • One Littlite port

  • Keyboard tray

  • Contact closures for remote triggers

  • 4K or 24K output capacity

  • Support for up to two external high-resolution multi-touch monitors

  • Compatibility with all Eos family accessories