Mac Encore Performance CLD

MAC Encore™ Performance CLD integrates cutting-edge LED technology with a proprietary and innovative light engine carefully engineered to generate pristine, full spectrum light with ultra-high color rendition. The feature-packed moving head offers unparalleled 6000 K crisp, neutral daylight. Its advanced color mixing system delivers the full palette from smooth and subtle pastels to rich and vibrant saturated colors. Moreover, it offers a fully variable color correction to tungsten/orange.

  • Unparalleled 6000 K cold white light quality

  • Super silent cooling and effects operation

  • Best-in-class size/weight/performance ratio

  • Pure white LED engine with 6000 K CCT

  • A flat field without color temperature variation during zoom and dimming.

  • Flicker-free operation—LED driver frequency suitable for all camera applications.

  • Ultra-low noise—Combines convection and forced air cooling with user-selectable output vs. sound level control.

  • Fully electronic dimmer/shutter control with various dimming curves and tungsten red-shift emulation.

  • Vibrant CMY color mixing with a superior palette of colors ranging from light and smooth pastel shades to rich, saturated primaries.

  • Variable CTO—daylight to tungsten CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette that stays true to the black body curve.

  • Color wheel—6 interchangeable dichroic filters + open.

  • 1:4 zoom—precise and fast, silent zoom with auto- linked focus.

  • Four framing shutter blades with individual +/- 30° adjustment and entire system rotation of +/- 55° allow for high-precision cue repeats.

  • Five rotating glass gobos with next to zero focal separation from the framing system.

  • Animation wheel with continuous multi-directional rotation and indexing with variable angle, speed and direction.

  • Animotion™ FX System—internal dimming effect macros for stunning 3D mid-air and projection effects.

  • Precise and tight iris with adjustable dynamic effects.

  • Soft frost—a light frost that leaves gobo artwork and framed images visible with a beautiful soft edge.

  • Heavy frost available as an optional accessory.

  • Super precise and silent pan/tilt movement and positioning due to 3-phase stepper motor technology and absolute position monitoring.

  • Compact size—L: 452 mm x W: 480 mm x H: 733 mm (L: 17.8 in x W: 18.9 in x H: 28.9 in).

  • Low weight—31 kg/68 lbs.

  • Foam rubber (SiP) flightcase insert for secure shipment.