Show Pro, EX 36

With a massive 288W of RGBW LED power, housed in a neat IP rated fixture, makes this our highest powered outdoor LED fixture yet.

With a strong and sturdy base, massive output and IP type connectors this BIG FLOOD is perfect for lighting gardens, hotel facades, buildings, walls and almost any other location where massive output is required. Of course, just because it is IP rated doesn’t mean it will not perform in indoor applications as well. From ballrooms to Nightclubs and many locations in-between this economical LED flood is bound to make your lighting life easier.

36 x 8W Quad Colour RGBW LEDs

  • 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

  • Power Consumption: 288W

  • DMX Connection: 5-pin XLR

  • DMX Channels: 4, 6, 10

  • Optics: 45º

  • 212(L) x 587(W) x 303(H)

  • 15kg