Axcor 400's for Griffins Prima Facie

Recently very accomplished lighting designer Trent Suidgeest (Muriels wedding, 8th wonder OA) reached out to us for a product that was fully featured but as compact as possible due to the size and height of the venue he was working in. We naturally showed him our new axcor fleet and it was love at first sight, Heres what he had to say,

I was quite excited to use the Axcor 400 Profiles as the production proved to be one of the truest tests for whether it could deliver in a theatrical environment: A delicate one-woman show in a tiny 110 seat theatre with many of cues being 2-3 minutes in length.

The dimmer curve, frost/edge combinations, colours and shutter control were beautifully theatrical, but I do also distinctly remember one moment where I needed to zip a shutter cut out and it was terrifically fast.

They also look alluring hanging in full view to a very close audience, and with that, I don’t remember us even needing to use Quiet mode. All I remember is they were extremely discrete with their Fan noise. Very impressed and looking forward to the next opportunity!

As are we Trent, always a pleasure!


PRIMA FACIE for Griffin Theatre Company

Lighting Design by Trent Suidgeest. Directed by Lee Lewis.

Tessa played by Sheridan Harbridge. Photographs by Brett Boardman

Ian Garrard