More Clay Paky for Intense

With our existing stock of profile moving lights continuing to regularly exceed our clients expectations the decision was made to further diversify the inventory, and purchase stock of a new product to both increase the number of concurrent productions we can supply, and offer a smaller, lightweight moving profile to our clients.

Our 16 new Clay Paky Axcor 400 Profiles Boast an impressive feature set including:
A bright 300W White LED Engine
5°-43° linear Zoom
CMY + Linear CTO
One Rotating Gobo Wheel with 7 Gobos
Rotating 4-facet prism
Animation wheel
Motorized framing system
Mechanical Iris
All within a small chassis weighing just 26kg.

Get in touch if you think our impressive, growing range of theatrical lighting could support your next production.

Ian Garrard