Show Pro, Honeycomb XO

The Honeycomb XO and Honeycomb XO Compact expands on our very popular ProShop Honeycomb series of LED washes. This new XO (extreme Output) is super bright. Using a 5Watt Tricolour LED system this fixture really packs a big punch. Boasting 48 x 5Watt Tricolour and 8 x 3Watt White LEDs, in the XO and half that for the compact, this LED wash is now capable of a broader range of colours including more pastels. Honeycomb XO and XO Compact is fitted with both 3 & 5 pin DMX connectors and uses secure 'powercon' connection as the power delivery. With Auto, Static, DMX or Audio modes available from the LCD equipped menu this fixture is sure to be one of our most sort after LED washes.


  • 24 x High Powered 5W RGB

  • Tricolour LED's

  • 4 x High Powered 3W

  • White LED's

  • Full range dimming of red, green, blue and white

  • LED's for full colour mixing White LED?s allow for pastel colours and wider colour range

  • Simple setup, compact size

  • Powercon in out out for easy powering

  • DMX, Auto mode, Audio,

  • Static colour selection via LED display

  • 3 & 5 Pin

  • DMX Channels 6 Channels

  • 35°

  • 400 x 127 x 165mm

  • 3.2KG