LSC Nexus 5 way node

LSC Nexus 5 way node

  • The NEXUS range is the latest addition to LSC's Data Distribution products and offers conversion between DMX512A and RDM signals to/from Ethernet and currently supports Art-Net, Shownet and Streaming ACN (sACN) ethernet protocols.

    Much more than your standard converter, the NEXUS range of both 1 and 5 port interfaces allows the user many other options such as a protocol conversion tool for today’s demanding shows.

    Using the free NexLan v2 software, any NEXUS DMX port can be configured to operate in a number of modes such as:

    • Standard DMX512A/RDM output from a selected Art-Net, Shownet or sACN Universe

    • HTP merge of three (3) selected Art-Net, Shownet or sACN Universes.

    • SoftPatch merge of three (3) selected Artnet, Shownet or sACN Universes.

    • Select three (3) universes and merge individual slots using HTP, Priority, Control or Fade.

    • Assign an output to a Primary and a Secondary Universe. Autoswitches from Primary to Secondary on loss of the Primary Universe.

    • Resend - any merged port can be resent as a new Art-Net/Shownet/sACN Universe.

    • DMX input - send a standard DMX port to an Art-Net/Shownet/sACN Universe.

    • DMX Backup - a special input that is only activated if the selected Main Universe is not present.

    • Full RDM control of a rig via Nexus Software or Art-Net RDM

    This flexibility of configuration permits some very useful functionality such as:

    • A simple Art-Net/Shownet/sACN to DMX512 converter.

    • a Back-up switch for multiple Lighting Controllers.

    • a DMX512 to Art-Net/Shownet/sACN converter.

    • a DMX512/RDM Splitter.

    • a DMX512 Backup.

    • an Art-Net Backup.