LSC Redback 2RU Dimmer

LSC Redback 2RU Dimmer

1. Compact 2RU (89mm) high to allow for high density packaging into 19” Rack mounting systems and flightcases – smaller footprint for installations and touring.

2. Simple to use Control Panel with highly visible LED display and indicators with tactile membrane switches – quick access to the functions you require.

3. Bar Graph display of output levels for each channel – quick visual of what the dimmer is doing.

4. Basic and Advanced User Mode selection – hide the functions that basic users don’t need to use.

5. Durable polycarbonate label with text screened on rear – preserves the “new” look longer!

6. RDM enabled for remote management over DMX – future proofing your investment!

7. High Spec Magnetic Thermal Circuit Breakers with Current Control Technology – stop those nuisance breaker trips when cold lamp inrush currents hit the dimmer.

8. SD Card slot for remote memory storage or infield software upgrades – no need to take the dimmer back to the factory.

9. 6 or 12 channel variants available – you select how many channels you need, 6, 12, 18, 24, 30

10. Front or rear mounted output connectors – you choose what best suits you.

11. Quick removal of lid allows instant access to firing devices and triggering components – a service technicians dream for those rare occasions!

12. Internal fan for keeping the heatsink cool during those tough workouts – lower temperature means increased reliability with longer product life.

13. 100% Duty Cycle rated for those more demanding jobs – great for those exhibition set-ups that can last for hours with a static scene.

14. Brass Nickel plated cable grip gland for secure retention of the power cable – no plastic glands that strip and let the cable slip.

15. Large selection of output connectors that will cover most worldwide applications — no need for expensive adaptor headers.

16. Back panel easily replaced to allow changeover of output connector system – ideal for the rental company that deals with differing connector systems.

17. Optional MIDI input for connection of MIDI based controllers – fantastic feature for small bands, nightclubs and stand-alone exhibitions.

18. Reversible side panels on 4RU models to allow 19” Rack mounting or fastening to walls – portable rack with front mounting connectors can now become a wall mount installation dimmer.

19. Multiple cable entry points for power cable – versatile!

20. Designed for single and three phase operation – suits every ones needs.

21. Zinc steel housing powdercoated finish with polycarbonate labels – rugged, durable and rustproofed.

22. Australian designed and manufactured